Red Sandalwood is a class of woods from trees in the genus santalum.The woods are heavy,Saunders wood,is a species of Pterocarpus endemic to the southern Eastern ghats mountain range of South India.This tree is valued for the rich red color of its wood.Due to its slow growth and rarity, furniture made from zitan is difficult to find and can be expensive. It has been one of the most prized woods for millennia.Red sandalwood grown on the shale subsoil’s, and in semi-arid climatic conditions gives a distinctive wavy grain margin. Lumber pieces with the wavy grain margin are graded as “A” grade. Red sandalwood with wavy grain margins sells at higher prices than the standard wood.

             Vijaya Traders Imports & Exports are specialized in quality  Red & White Sandalwood’s and products like Medicines,Powder,Oil,Handicrafts and furnitures.

We are having warehouse facilities with tons of red and white sandalwood’s with all kinds of legal permissions through out worldwide.

Since 2009 we are planted 1700 acres of red sandalwood plantations  and 500 acres of plantations  are above 5years age  and we are ready to sale out on these plantations.Our plantations are mostly useful in Viagra Medicines.

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